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14PCS 4.5 Inch x 7/8 inch Angle Grinder Polishing Wheels Kit for Metal, Cutting and Grinding Wheel Assorted Grit Flap Discs Strip Disc Nylon Disc Felt Flap Disc Set for Angle Grinder


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Product info:

• Part Number SWS-AGWSET-001

Product features

【ALL IN ONE POLISHING KIT】: This 4.5 angle grinder disc set includes 2 x cut-off wheels, 1 x grinding wheels, 8 x assort grit flap discs, 1 x stripping disc, 1 x nylon polishing disc and 1 x felt polishing disc, satisfying your multiple requirements from cutting, grinding, paint & rust removal and polishing.

【PREMIUM QUALITY】: Cutting wheels are made of aluminum oxide grain with double mesh reinforced design, sharp and durable; Grinding disc is made of corundum grain, cymbal shape is designed for high grinding capacity; Flap sanding discs are made of zirconium abrasive, with fast cutting speed and good self-sharpness; Stripping disc is made with silicon carbide grain; Nylon fiber wheel does not burn the surface or blacken; Felt wheel is made of 100% wool-favored for superior buffering properties.

【FULL-FEATURED】: Cutting discs and grinding wheel are designed for ordinary metal and stainless steel cutting & grinding; T29 Flap discs are ideal for high speed sanding and heavy duty removal; Strip discs can rapidly removing scale and oxidation, removing paints, rust, grease, oil or protective waxes; Nylon wheel can polish flat, concave, convex curved surface and various grooves, making surface smooth; Felt flap discs are used in the final stage of polishing for a high gloss or mirror finish.

【WIDE APPLICATION】: This cutting & grinding & polishing discs set contains all kinds of angle grinder abrasive tools, will meet your different project requirements. Widely used for cutting, grinding, cleaning, polishing and finishing on metal, stainless steel, iron, glass, jewelry, plastic, ceramics, marble and more.

【COMPLETE KIT FOR ANGLE GRINDER】: All angle grinder discs size are 4-1/2'' Diameter with 7/8'' Arbor, fit for 4.5 inch most type of angle grinder. Please wear all applicable safety gear when using angle grinder disc(eyes/ears/face/hands/body/etc).

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