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Some of the housekeeping tasks will take care of themselves. Do you remember the 1977 hit? It's almost true. Because many tasks will be simpler to complete if you let dependable home appliances to support you. Modern, energy-efficient models can even help you save a ton of money. Every washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher that has recently been tested is available in our leaderboards, from Miele to budget products.

in addition to a host of other useful household helpers. Instead of manually swinging the vacuum cleaner, use a robot to conduct the cleaning! While you wait, indulge your passions or reward yourself to a wonderful cappuccino from your kitchen's fully automatic coffee maker or capsule machine. No matter if they're looking for a new frying pan or want to deep fry something, hobby chefs or bakers will find all the test winners from Stiftung Warentest and other test journals here.

Check out our suggestions for eco-friendly air conditioners to maintain your composure. Are you an enthusiast? We'll let you know which cordless drills and other useful do-it-yourself tools won't run out of power. Hobby gardeners aren't left out in the rain either; test results from reputable trade publications and a ton of consumer reviews are currently available.


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Household & Garden
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