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The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners of 2023

Royal S Hanks
  Feb 9, 2023 1:32 PM

In The Lab and at home in actual, everyday scenarios, we examined more than 50 vacuum cleaners from a variety of brands that we purchased. In The Lab, we timed the unboxing and setup of each vacuum, assessed its performance on four different types of flooring, and put it through a series of obstacles in the living room. When looking for a vacuum, it's crucial to consider your floor type, as well as the vacuum's filter and attachment options, price range, and other factors.


1. Best Overall: Shark Vertex DuoClean PowerFins Cordless Stick Vacuum at Amazon

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Strong suction over all surfaces

Basically, vacuum moves itself.

extended battery life

half-folds for simple storage

Possibly a larger collection canister

Individually wrapped pieces

loud when taking up heavier objects

After extensive testing over several days, we decided that this Shark vacuum was the best overall. Whether it was difficult popcorn kernels or dirty Cheerios, it sucked whatever we threw in its way up, generally on the first pass. The materials didn't scatter everywhere as the floor head was raised off the ground, and the vacuum essentially moved by itself around the surfaces. Our tester gave it a 5 star rating for efficacy on all types of surfaces and remarked that it required very little effort on their side to complete the cleaning task.

When it comes to maneuverability, the Shark Vertex DuoClean PowerFins Cordless Stick Vacuum was able to fit under our low-lying couch and coffee table with ease. The tester described the vacuum as "flawless" after running it through the obstacle course and remarked that it is generally quiet. This pick has two brush heads that give it its power, and even while the collecting canister could be bigger, you'll discover that emptying it into your garbage can is simple and painless, earning it a 5-star rating from our tester for ease of emptying.

This cordless stick vacuum folds in half for convenient storage after use and has a battery life of 60 minutes, which is longer than comparable cordless options. This makes it appropriate for both bigger households with pets and smaller dwellings. Overall, our tester gave this vacuum a 5-star rating practically everywhere, only ding it for the handheld component's weight and the pieces' annoying individual wrapping when they first arrive from the box. Even with the packing, though, assembling this item for use didn't take more than three minutes.

2. Best Budget: Eureka Flash Stick Vacuum Cleaner at Amazon

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Simple and quick assembly

strong suction on the majority of surfaces

The floor head has a light.

effortlessly turns around barriers

Ineffective on carpet with a high pile

Cord is thick and hefty.

Emptying involves several steps.

Not to be forgotten is the Eureka Flash Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner. This inexpensive option has all the suction power and considerate features of one that costs more money. It's really simple to put together; our tester took just one minute and forty-five seconds, awarding the assembly process a total of 4.5 stars. Additionally, this vacuum demonstrated its strength on hardwood, low-pile carpet, and medium-pile carpet, collecting all materials in one or two passes. On the high-pile carpet, the motor did grow warm, and it became challenging to navigate the vacuum through the threads. However, although only withholding one star for the unpleasant high-pile experience, our tester still gave it an average rating of 4.5 stars for its overall effectiveness.

When it was time for the obstacle course, this pick had no trouble fitting into tight spots. The long, bulky, and heavy rope was the only drawback that it had to offer. The majority of stick vacuums lack a cable by design to make them simpler to move throughout your room. Although this aspect isn't ideal, the power of this vacuum definitely sets it apart from its rivals. Because of how well it works on all types of surfaces and how little noise it makes considering its smaller size (and cost), our tester gave it a good 4 stars for noise level.

Given that the entire canister detaches, emptying this device involves several steps. Nevertheless, it's a game that can be used to clean up a variety of problems in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and other areas, and it will use the floor head's light to help you find them.

3. Best Splurge: Miele C1 Turbo Canister Vacuum at Amazon

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What We Enjoy Very quiet

Simple to maneuver in small spaces

Long time to fill up

powerful suction

Things We Dislike
new bags are necessary

The directions were not really clear.

Unsuitable for houses with pets


Spend more money on the Miele Compact C1 Turbo Team Bagged Canister Vacuum since it was excellent at snatching up all debris from hardwood, low-pile carpet, and high-pile carpet. The canister vacuum we chose did become clogged up with hair, according to our tester, so it might not be the greatest choice for households with pets. Additionally, the vacuum is a bit heavy and the directions were not very clear, making them less than ideal for transporting up and down stairs. For traits like effectiveness and mobility, it received slightly lower star ratings as a result.

It was able to easily fit under a couch and under a coffee table, making it the ideal choice for a house with little crevices that need to be cleaned. According to our tester, it is "so silent it's ludicrous," and the 21-foot cable can be automatically wound up after you are done cleaning. Additionally, since it is a bagged style, it is convenient that this little appliance takes a while to fill up while having a 3.75 quart capacity. It costs a lot, even before you buy the replacement bags, therefore a big canister is much appreciated. But ultimately, the advantages of this vacuum much exceed the disadvantages, making it worth every penny.

4. Best Upright: Shark Navigator Swivel Pro Complete Upright Vacuum at Amazon

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What We Enjoy
different surface settings

Simple to empty

simple assembly

Things We Dislike

difficult to move beneath furniture

Doesn't effectively transfer surfaces

Even though it is not the most space-conscious type, upright vacuums are popular because of its strong suction. After evaluating more than a dozen upright vacuums, we have come to the conclusion that the Shark Navigator Swivel Pro Complete Upright Vacuum is the best. Shark's Navigator series vacuums have stronger suction, settings for various surfaces, crevice and upholstery attachments, and a more affordable price. With 5-star ratings for both hardwood and low-pile carpet and 4.5-star ratings for medium- and high-pile carpet, this particular Navigator model stood out in the effectiveness area.

It picked up the materials rapidly while gliding over the surfaces, and our tester deducted points only when it required more than one or two passes. They were able to utilize one hand for multiple passes despite the design being bulkier and heavier, which was satisfying.

They also like the various hardwood and carpet settings, which improved its efficiency. Even though it was difficult to move from concrete to carpet (the floor head needs to be pulled up to complete the transition) and difficult to reach under any furniture, it was ultimately rather quiet and quite simple to empty. According to our tester, assembling this pick is "straightforward," too. The assembly took them only three minutes, and they gave it a 4-star rating because it was simple although the product started off a touch heavy.

5. Best Canister: Bissell Hard Floor Expert Vacuum at Amazon

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What We Enjoy
Rubber tires without markings

Very low noise operation

Lightweight construction

Things We Dislike

Small dustbin

not wireless.

Canister vacuums combine the upright vacuum's suction power with the maneuverability of a stick vacuum. Our tester gave the Bissell Bagless Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum a perfect rating. This model's highly powerful suction and silent operation combine to produce "perfect white noise" while in use. The name of this canister vacuum makes it sound as like it will only be effective on hard surfaces, but we discovered that it performs admirably on a variety of surfaces thanks to its carpet tool, dusting tool, and crevice tool attachments.

Everything clicks into place, making setup a breeze, and at less than 10 pounds, this vacuum is portable and lightweight. Despite being on the smaller side, the dust bin is simple to empty, so it didn't lose any points there. When operating at maximum power, our tester discovered that this hard floor canister type cleaned carpets more effectively than more expensive models, and the 5-foot hose made it easier for her to reach areas of her home that a stick vacuum was unable to. This Bissell model came in first place in our list of the best canister vacuums due to its affordability, power, and quiet operation.

6. Best Cordless Stick: BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES 2-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum at Amazon

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What We Enjoy
Portable device clicks in

has attached storage

Has a light on the floor head

Simple to empty

Things We Dislike
On some surfaces, it's not as efficient

may require more adjustments

Many vacuums may be converted to a handheld vacuum by partially disassembling them, but none are as simple to do so as the BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES 2-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum. It is really carefully designed. The handle and floor head, as well as the dustbuster that snaps into it, are the only two components of this vacuum. All the debris gathers in the dustbuster, which transforms into the collection canister, when you use an upright vacuum. Dustbuster required? Simply take it out to reveal a handy attachment storage area in the handle's remaining portion.

This vacuum is rather lightweight and features a light on the front for easy cleaning under a couch or in a poorly lit nook. It took our tester less than a minute to unbox and assemble it. It received a rating of 4.5 stars for its efficiency on medium- and high-pile carpets despite being a little sloppy when picking up Cheerios on the hardwood and low-pile carpet (it essentially moved them around). The portable vac was able to finish the job, but it was punished for missing some of the material that was ground into the carpet. Our tester liked how it could stand by itself. This vacuum also emptied quickly and painlessly.

7. Best Robot: ECOVACS DEEBOT N8+ Laser Mapping Robot Vacuum and Mop at Amazon

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What We Enjoy
Simple to set up

Docked itself after one attempt.

fantastic clever mapping

Things We Dislike

when draining, loud

Cleaning mop brushes is necessary.

Only use water and a mop.

You might need to spend money on a robot vacuum if convenience is your primary concern and gliding about your floor with a new vacuum doesn't sound like a fun afternoon. The ECOVACS DEEBOT N8+ Robot Vacuum and Mop was our favorite of the 30 robotic vacuums we evaluated in The Lab. That's accurate. The floors will also be mopped. This robot vacuum-dual mop's functionality, according to our at-home tester, has changed her life, and she adores how it can tell whether it is on carpet or hard floors and adjusts accordingly.

This cutting-edge device is loaded with clever features. You can select to have it clean your entire house or just a certain room after it has mapped out your residence. It uses laser technology to avoid little objects like socks or trousers that have been left on the floor as well as larger objects like furniture or door frames. (However, our at-home test subject stated that she typically picks up a little before using this device.) If you're expecting last-minute visitors, you can set the ECOVACS DEEBOT N8+ up with a cleaning schedule or command it to start from your smartphone.

If that weren't enough, it also self-empties once it finishes its cycle, so all you have to do is replace the dust bag occasionally. Although you should be prepared for a tremendous roar when the vacuum self-empties, we were amazed by how quiet it was throughout our lab testing.

Robot vacuums may not be able to deep clean or target specific messes, but if you have pets (and, consequently, a lot of visible and invisible pet hair), this ECOVACS robot vacuum and mop will suck up more pet hair than you ever imagined as it makes its daily rounds of your living room. In our testing, we discovered that it is not only a good vacuum and mop, but it also deftly avoids obstructions and can easily go from a hardwood floor to a carpet.

Only one issue was raised by our in-home tester: the manufacturer claims that the mopping reservoir can only contain water (as opposed to a mix of water and floor cleaner). She avoided this minor inconvenience by soaking the mopping pad in her preferred floor cleaner before to affixing it to the tool.

8. Best Handheld: Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner at Amazon

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What We Enjoy
strong suction

large bin

Simple to empty

Most places will fit a tapered nozzle.

Things We Dislike


the weight of the battery pack

Grab a portable vacuum when you have a tiny problem that has to be swiftly cleaned up. When cleaning up snack spills in the kitchen or pet hair from your couch, a portable vacuum works wonders. The Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is our choice because it performed exceptionally well in The Lab's testing. As it vacuumed up cereal, pet hair, popcorn kernels, and flour from hardwood floors and different area rugs, it astounded our testers with its strong suction, giving it a 5-star rating for efficacy. It also received good scores for agility since, because to its tapered nozzle, our tester could easily vacuum along baseboards, behind a couch, and in a car cupholder.

Less than two minutes were needed for setup, and it was simple to empty the sizable dust container. The battery pack detaches from the vacuum for simple charging, however according to our tester, when the pack is fitted into the vacuum, it adds some weight, bringing the weight of this model to 3 pounds. Additionally, it is more expensive for a handheld vacuum, but given that it delivers such a powerful, dependable clean, we believe the cost is justified.

9. Best for Pet Hair: Tineco PURE ONE S15 PET at Amazon

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What We Enjoy
comprising a charging base

three manual options and an auto mode

Using a lever, remove dust and dirt from the trash

Things We Dislike
Unsuitable for area rugs

robust brush head

The suction power, simplicity of use, and simple features of the Tineco PURE ONE S15 PET Vacuum wowed our testers in the lab and at home, ensuring you're getting the best clean in your house. The S15 PET has Tineco's display screen, which, like previous models by the company, changes from red to blue to indicate whether there is dirt on the floor. Additionally, it shows the battery's % clearly so that you are not left in the dark. Our tester discovered that going to max mode—which is available in the manual mode selections—worked best for ensuring that no debris or pet hair was left behind. The auto mode is a fantastic choice for general cleaning.

When in automated mode, though, it does automatically boost suction when it comes across hair or dirt. This makes it more energy-efficient and allows you to clean up spills around your house and up to 1,399 square feet on a single charge.

In addition to this vacuum's strong suction, our tester liked how simple it was to empty the dust container. It features a lever that cleans the filter and canister's sidewalls of dirt and debris. Although some hair that was lodged up high in the canister still needed to be pulled out, our tester noted he enjoyed how simple it was to empty. Additionally, Tineco guarantees a brush head that is tangle-free and pulls hairs into the dustbin rather than becoming tangled up around the vacuum's base.

The brush head of this vacuum features LED lights on it, which is crucial since they highlight your vacuum's path and help you get every last pet hair. Our in-house test subject concluded that this vacuum was ultimately well worth its hefty price tag because it has strong suction and offers clear user instructions on the display screen. Our home tester observed that the LED light really assisted her in locating minute white pet hairs in her home and in clean areas that she would not have seen otherwise.

10. Best Wet-Dry: Shark VacMop Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum at Amazon

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What We Enjoy
affordable price tag

has a floor-mounted light

includes replacement pads

Things We Dislike
only suitable for hardwood

a limited battery life

You can handle two cleaning tasks at once using wet-dry vacuums. The Shark VacMop is the best little appliance in this more modern category. The assembly of this stick vacuum, which includes pouring in the detergent and connecting the cleaning pad, takes two minutes in total. It features a button on the handle that you can press to spray detergent on the floor and glides over hardwood floors quite easily. You can see what you're cleaning and how well the product is working thanks to the light on the floor head.

The detergent has a fresh aroma that is extremely moderate, according to our tester, who also observed how lightweight the narrow profile is. Clean-up is straightforward thanks to the disposable cleaning pad, and the VacMop includes four ready-to-use replacements so you don't have to go shopping right away. The complete device functions extremely silently and will be perfect for your kitchen or bathroom, despite the fact that the canister might be a little bit bigger and that this product is not ideal for carpets. Additionally, it is reasonably priced to operate. Overall, this vacuum received 5-star evaluations from our tester with the exception of its canister size.


Is there a better vacuum than Dyson?

Shark upright vacuums are the greatest Dyson substitute because, like Dyson, they emphasize versatility and ease of use. Although they aren't inexpensive, they are more affordable than Dyson upright machines.

How much should you spend on a vacuum?

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider when buying a vacuum. An excellent vacuum should cost at least $150 overall. Don't skimp and purchase the one that is on sale for $49. It will eventually break, returning you to your starting point.

How often should you vacuum?

I can hear you saying, "When the floor appears dirty," but you need to vacuum more frequently than this to maintain your house free of allergens and your floors as spotless as possible.

For most floors, we advise cleaning once per week; in high-traffic areas like hallways and doors, we advise vacuuming twice per week. Particularly if you have carpet, as the longer dust is allowed to accumulate, the more it becomes ingrained in the fibers and is difficult to fully clean.

Despite the fact that this may seem like a lot of dust, regular vacuuming will guarantee that there is less dust to suck up each time, making the process of cleaning your floors quicker.


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