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Reviews of the Top 10 Toaster Ovens Under $100 for 2023

Royal S Hanks
  Feb 9, 2023 12:41 PM

There is probably at least one toaster oven in every home. Because of its practicality and adaptability, it has grown to be an integral part of our daily life. First off, they don't take up much room on your countertops. It is hardly noticed due to its diminutive size. Don't let its diminutive size deceive you; this mini oven can do a variety of cooking tasks, including baking, broiling, roasting, reheating, toasting, and more, effectively replacing a number of other appliances. These are just a few of the factors that have made toasters so popular in recent years; it is safe to say that they are a need in every home. Therefore, if you don't already have one, you should think about doing so right now.


1. Iconites 8-in-1 Air Fryer

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Having a multipurpose air fryer is useful.
Touch screen functionality for simpler timer and temperature management.
contains equipment for preparing a variety of foods.

Baking is not one of its functions.

The 8-in-1 air fryer from Iconites comes first. Say goodbye to your dehydrator, deep fryer, toaster, oven, and other appliances because this versatile air fryer can do everything they can but so much better. It essentially performs eight things.

By pressing a button, you may quickly cook a variety of foods with this air fryer's adaptability. Its temperature control and timer both use touch-screen technology. You can cook a lot of food at once, or even two distinct sorts of food, thanks to the double-layer design and huge capacity basket.

This air fryer's inside is constructed of premium stainless steel, which provides a non-stick surface and makes cleanup easier after use. Additionally, you won't have to worry about overcooking your food any longer thanks to the transparent glass door.

In addition, using this air fryer will make your food healthier. Contrary to deep frying, the flowing hot air at 360 degrees creates the ideal condition for your food to be incredibly crunchy with little to no oil. Additionally, the air circulation ensures that your food will cook evenly even if you don't need to turn it. Did I mention that it comes with extras for all of your culinary requirements, including an oil pan, a grill, and a deep-fry basket?

2. Nostalgia Retro 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

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Given how little it is, it is a space saver.
Your morning preparation is made simpler because it can be completed all at once.

Not appropriate for making huge meals.

All-in-one toaster, grill, and coffee maker. For individuals who live in compact spaces, this oven is ideal. With only one switch, you may use this one to create an entire breakfast dish at once.

the toasting feature, which can prepare a 7-inch pizza as well as up to 4 slices of bread. You can even make casseroles and bake cookies using this feature. We already have a lot of options, and that's only the first one. At the top of the oven itself, there is a grill as well. You have plenty of room to fry eggs, sausages, bacon, ham, and other breakfast items on the family-sized non-stick griddle.

Finally, we have a coffee machine that can easily brew up to 4 cups of coffee. Put some coffee in the reusable filter, fill it with hot water, and then wait. Is that not simple?

3. Luby Convection Toaster Oven

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Nice, modern style is ideal for any kitchen plan.
even large enough to bake a 10-inch pizza.
It is easier to clean thanks to the bottom plate that is removable.

Be careful because it will get pretty hot outside.

The following item on our list is going to be ideal as a present for a friend, a family member, or even for you. With its modern aesthetic and sophisticated red color, this convection toaster oven will go well with any kitchen theme.

Not only does it have a nice appearance, but it also serves several purposes. In order to bake or cook quickly and evenly, it first uses convection heating technology, which moves warm air around the gadget. With its four top and bottom heating components, this toaster oven enables you to perform a number of tasks including baking, broiling, roasting, and of course, toasting.

You don't have to worry about needing to cook your meal gradually because of its huge capacity, which enables you to prepare average-sized foods. Additionally, the uniform heat distribution guarantees even cooking of your food. You won't ever have to worry about your food being overcooked thanks to the customizable timer's automated shut-off.

4. Nostalgia RTOV2AQ

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You can cook more food because to the multiple baking racks and large capacity.
You may prepare a huge variety of foods using it.

If you have a tiny counter space, a large size may not be ideal.

If you think that's not enough, allow me to introduce you to this big lad. With a capacity of 0.7 cubic feet, the Nostalgia RTOV2AQ can cook two 12 inch pizzas in addition to fitting up to 12 slices of bread. Of course, it does more than just make pizza and toast bread. Additionally, you can use it to prepare baked goods like cookies, casseroles, steaks, and poultry.

You may tailor it to whatever meal you'll be cooking using the 4 heating settings, the timing, and temperature control to ensure that it always turns out perfectly cooked. You can watch your food cook through the glass window made of high-temperature resistant material.

Cleaning up following cooking would be simple thanks to the removable baking racks and crumb catcher.

5. Elite Gourmet EHD-051B

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Hotdog and sausage rollers made of stainless steel are ideal.
Removable oil drip tray ensures that there is no mess and is simple to clean.


There isn't a temperature control.

small oven size.

The toaster oven and a hotdog and sausage cooker are the next items on the list. For family gaming or movie nights, the Elite Gourmet EHD-051B is ideal. The 5 stainless steel rollers on top of the appliance, which can cook up to 4 hotdogs at once, are undoubtedly its most distinctive feature. Up to 4 hotdog buns can be heated simultaneously in the oven section.

You could believe that it can only cook hotdogs, though. Of course not, since it is a toaster oven and can be used for both heating and cooking other goodies.

6. Comfee’ Toaster Oven

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focuses primarily on three simple but important qualities.
Longer baking tasks are accommodated by the Stay On feature.

Oven and temperature control The fact that the modes are on the same dial may mislead some users.

To meet your daily culinary needs, the Comfee' toaster oven offers you three key features. It can broil meats and veggies, bake cakes and snacks, and of course toast.

The temperature is controlled by the upper dial, and the timer is controlled by the bottom dial, making it very simple to use. In addition, it has a Stay On setting for items that may require more than 30 minutes to cook. Use this setting with caution and pay close attention.

The removable crumb tray on this toaster oven opens from the bottom, eliminating the need to reach inside the oven to remove it. Additionally, it makes cleanup time accessibly easy. Additionally, its small footprint saves a ton of counter space.


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The spacious interior has room for a handle-equipped 9"x13" pan.
The best heat is provided by an advanced heating element for most recipes.
For cooking that takes more than 60 minutes, use the Stay On option.

Smaller counter spaces might not be suitable for large size.

This BLACK+DECKER toaster oven is so roomy that it can accommodate a 9"x13" pan with handles. You may prepare whatever cuisine you choose with the aid of additional accessories, such as toasting racks and baking/broiling pans.

In addition, this toaster oven takes pride in its strong convection fan, which moves heated air evenly around the oven for quick baking or cooking. Additionally, the dedicated toast timer consistently makes toast to your preferences.

Every time, the food will be prepared to perfection thanks to the adjustable temperature and timer. It offers a stay-on mode in addition to a 60-minute timer to support lengthier cooking operations. It should be noted that the oven's temperatures will be lower than your set point. This is because this oven has cutting-edge heating elements.

8. Oster Digital Toaster Oven

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Making it simpler to use are digital controls and a display.
You can check on your meal thanks to an inside light.

Large size might not be suited for smaller counter spaces.

Another digital toaster oven is on our list. Easy operation is guaranteed by the toaster oven's user-friendly digital control panel. With a single click of a button, you may select from a number of settings and manage the time. The digital controls also enable more precise temperature and timer settings.

The Oster toaster oven is roomy and can accommodate rectangular pans that measure 2"x10.5"x12". This effectively functions as a countertop oven, which increases convenience. The 90-minute timer automatically shuts off, and there is a light inside so you can see how the food is cooking without having to worry about overcooking it.

9. Mueller Austria Toaster Oven

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Compact and sleek design fits wonderfully on your counters.

Quite a simple toaster oven.

The Mueller toaster oven features a sleek, compact design that fits well on your counter and is built for your comfort. This toaster oven has a lot of characteristics and can cook food in the following ways: baking, broiling, toasting, and warming.

The combination of its wide temperature range and convection heating system circulates hot air for more rapid and even cooking. The 2 rack configurations and integrated multi-purpose pan provide you the flexibility to successfully prepare a variety of cuisines.

10. Gourmia GTF7350

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The air-frying feature makes cooking healthier.
It is simple to operate and prepares food more quickly.

Some foods could be overcooked when heated quickly.

Our list concludes with the 6-in-1 toaster oven Gourmia GTF7350. You may air-fry, bake, reheat, broil, and toast bread and bagels using this device.

It essentially performs the same functions as a typical toaster oven, but what makes this one unique is that it also doubles as an air fryer. With its 360-degree heating system, which circulates extremely hot air from all sides, food is guaranteed to get golden on the exterior and moist on the inside while using little to no oil. Oil-free cooking results in both healthier meals and fewer mess.

Additionally, compared to conventional toaster ovens, it boasts an expedited heating technology that allows you to cook food 30% faster. Additionally, it comes with a recipe book to cook great food quickly and easily.

Buyer's Guide

Due to the high demand for toaster ovens as they become more and more popular, numerous appliance makers have developed their own models, each with distinctive features that will immediately capture your eye. It strongly encourages you to deliberate over which one to purchase.

You should make sure you know what you would want to have because there are hundreds of models to pick from, which may be very frightening for some people.

We made your search simpler by gathering 10 of the greatest ones available. Of course, we were mindful of our budget. Even though these toaster ovens are around $100, we made sure they were high-quality items.

Choosing The best toaster oven and Recommendations

After reading our list of the top ten toaster ovens under $100, you might still be unsure of which one to choose because they are all so distinctive. After all, this is a buying guide, so we'll tell you what to look for.

Your lifestyle is the only thing you need to consider. Why? Because what good is owning a device if you never or only occasionally use it. Or why get one if you already own appliances that perform the same tasks? When you are certain that you need one and if it reduces the need for you to purchase more appliances, purchase one.

Select one that won't take up a lot of room, especially if you live in a small apartment. Make sure you discover the ideal mix between it being not too huge and unwieldy but spacious enough for it to keep up with your needs when it comes to cooking. Size also impacts capacity.

The ease of maintenance is another another factor. After a long day of labor, having something difficult to clean is the last thing you need. Find one that is both simple to use and simple to clean.

After considering everything, we would suggest the BLACK+DECKER toaster oven. You may easily create meals that are average in size thanks to its huge capacity and strong convection fan. Additionally, this conventional oven's stay-on and temperature-adjustable features increase the variety of foods you can cook in it. That is a fantastic deal in and of itself, especially for that price.

At the end of the day, the toaster oven you choose will depend on your preferences. To use it most successfully, just make sure it works for you.


How long should a toaster oven last?

A toaster oven can last up to five years on average and comes in a variety of sizes and features. Regular cleaning can lengthen your life and help you avoid food accumulation.

Is Black and Decker toaster oven a good brand?

Black+Decker toasters receive a medium rating. Our survey of CR members yielded a Good rating for expected brand reliability but only a Fair rating for owner satisfaction.

Which toaster oven makes best toast?

Breville Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro is the best toaster oven overall.

It generated flawless toast throughout testing and passed the pizza test with flying colors (it comes with a setting specifically for frozen pizza, but also has the capability of baking fresh pizza)

1 ratings