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More and more people are using backup power sources for their daily activities, office activities and outdoor trips with family and friends. With the development of technology and the desire to protect the climate, electronics manufacturers have invented a new type of generator that runs on solar energy. With such a complementary energy source, you will be able to operate all your equipment independently: laptop, cell phone, TV, fan, lights, etc.

The quantity of solar generators available on the market is now quite important, which makes the choice of a quality solar generator increasingly difficult. We therefore propose this guide which will allow you to be more enlightened on the subject, in order to reach the best possible choice. You can also consult our ranking of the 5 best solar generators available for sale online on Amazon. In this list, Jackery Solar Generator 1000 is ranked Number 1. Among other things, it combines the best criteria of choice at an optimal level. Indeed, it combines perfectly: power, lightness, soundproofing and price. This jewel of 500W for 2,2 Kg is sold at a very good price. You will hardly find a better quality/price ratio.

The following classification is based on fundamental criteria such as the power of the generator, its weight, the noise it produces and its price.

What are the requirements to consider when purchasing a solar generator?
Solar generators have a double advantage: first, they are environmentally friendly and second, they have a tremendous economic benefit. Indeed, instead of spending money on repeated gasoline purchases, you will make a good investment by preferring a solar generator, which will use the sun's rays to provide you with electrical energy.

Wanting to get a generator is one thing; knowing which one to choose or, rather, according to what criteria to select it is another. Several elements are to be taken into account as the power of the generator, its weight, its sound...

The power of the generator

Power is the first thing to check when buying an electronic device. In the case of solar generators, the emphasis is even more fundamental. Indeed, having more power means having more devices in use, which is the primary purpose of such an acquisition.

To determine the power you need for your electrical devices, you must follow a 3-step procedure:

Make a list of all the devices you plan to use with your solar generator;
Add up their respective power requirements;
Multiply this sum by 1.20.
This process will allow you to know the power required for your solar generator. However, it is recommended to choose a device capable of offering a much higher capacity than the calculated one because it is possible that still other objects (unforeseen, force majeure, etc.) need to be connected, and the current ones will be used more.

The weight of the device

It is helpful to focus on the weight of the solar generator. Portability is essential to keep you from getting bogged down when you travel. The importance is crucial in many ways, especially when you have to move around with the device. Generators in the form of a suitcase, or with at least a solid handle, will be very appreciated to meet mobility needs.
However, it should be noted that most solar generators of very high capacity will have a consequent weight because of the heavy and powerful components they have. The perfect compromise will thus have to be made between lightness and sufficient power.

The sound of the generator

Noise is often an annoying element for users of portable solar generators. So turn to the models known to be the quietest if you do not particularly like such sound effects. To do this, compare the decibels of solar generators, and you can see the difference between one product and another in terms of sound.

Other criteria

Apart from the criteria mentioned above, there are other criteria that you may decide to take into account. For example, the durability of the generator, its ability to be connected with other equipment to increase its power (scalability), and the quality of its battery (lithium battery with rapid discharge recommended).


You should normally find everything you need in this top 5 carefully crafted to help you choose the best solar generator. This type of portable device is in any case the solution that will avoid you to depend entirely on an electrical outlet. You will be able to travel, in all peace, without having to worry about a possible and unfortunate defect in energy.

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Stephen A Poirier
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