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The Best Snow Shovel of 2022

Royal S Hanks
  Mar 25, 2023 5:53 PM

Although it may not be enjoyable, clearing snow from your driveway using the old-fashioned method is an excellent approach to cleaning up those winter problems. Not all ice and snow removal techniques are as environmentally beneficial as using a snow shovel.

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    AI Score has developed a scoring system called AI Score, created by a team of experts and industry veterans. Our AI Consumer Report tool uses the gathered information to evaluate it on a scale of 0 to 10 automatically. There is no correlation or influence between this score and any manufacturer or online sales platform for real estate agencies

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    Snow Joe
    AI Score has developed a scoring system called AI Score, created by a team of experts and industry veterans. Our AI Consumer Report tool uses the gathered information to evaluate it on a scale of 0 to 10 automatically. There is no correlation or influence between this score and any manufacturer or online sales platform for real estate agencies

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    Snow Joe
    AI Score has developed a scoring system called AI Score, created by a team of experts and industry veterans. Our AI Consumer Report tool uses the gathered information to evaluate it on a scale of 0 to 10 automatically. There is no correlation or influence between this score and any manufacturer or online sales platform for real estate agencies

  • Brand
    Snow Joe
    AI Score has developed a scoring system called AI Score, created by a team of experts and industry veterans. Our AI Consumer Report tool uses the gathered information to evaluate it on a scale of 0 to 10 automatically. There is no correlation or influence between this score and any manufacturer or online sales platform for real estate agencies

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In search of the greatest snow shovel? Before purchasing the nine most promising models for side-by-side testing, we investigated 50 top models. The performance of each shovel was then assessed using five tests in deep snow, light snow, and ice. Our qualified testers evaluated which shovels had the finest ergonomics and were the least taxing on our backs, in addition to how well they moved snow to the side. You can choose the ideal shovel for your snow removal needs using the results of our performance testing.

Another useful tool to keep on hand for clearing your driveway or sidewalk is ice melt. Our reviews can help you choose the best outdoor tools, whether you're shoveling snow or dirt. To help you prepare for the next winter, we've reviewed the top chainsaws. We also have the inside scoop on the best cordless pressure washers, cordless lawn mowers, and string trimmers for those summertime chores.

You'll need a strong shovel to clear your walkways and driveway of snow and ice after a winter storm. Snow may be removed more quickly with the proper instrument, with less stress on your back and arms. To determine which models are worth your hard-earned money, we have extensively evaluated more than a dozen over the past three years.

1. Best Overall Snow Shovel
True Temper 20 Inch Aluminum

The True Temper 20-inch aluminum shovel was our favorite among all the shovels we tested. This shovel is easy to handle, quickly flings snow into the air, and effectively removes snow from surfaces. Only the Garant could locate the ground more quickly, but the True Temper's iconic scoop form was ideal for gathering and removing snow. Overall, although it is not exceptional in any one field, it receives favorable ratings across the board. This versatile, no-frills shovel provides all you need to swiftly and consistently clear the driveway of bothersome snowfall.

The True Temper's aluminum blade is a little thin, and we observed some flex when digging through thicker snow. Although it didn't cause any problems for us, this shovel might not hold up to repeated use in regions with damp conditions and heavy snowfall.

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True Temper 18-Inch Ergonomic Mountain Mover

This True Temper was the closest we came to discovering a single shovel capable of tackling whatever old man winter throws at your door.Although the combo blade won't help break up ice and was only passably effective at scraping snow from our brick testing area, it does have a nylon wear strip to boost durability. We didn't have to lean over as much when carrying snow because of the ergonomic curved steel handle, which lessened the strain of managing large amounts. The shovel's pushing performance was comparable to other models, but because of its scooped design, more snow is funneled forward rather than falling to the sides.

We also have an older edition of this shovel without the ergonomic shaft, and the difference is night and day. Overall, it's a fantastic pick that left one of our reviewers really satisfied. The angled shaft assists when trying to dig and achieve a surface scrape and makes it much easier to lift heavier snow. We threw out our old shovel and went out and bought a new one because we enjoyed it so much.

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Garant Yukon 18-Inch Ergonomic Snow Pusher

You can shovel snow faster if you have a snow shovel. Garant's Yukon line is one we enjoy, and we first tried the 24-inch blade version (currently unavailable). The beautiful long handle is angled such that the grip lands at the level of the waist. We reset our test location so that the snow was only a few inches thick because push shovels aren't made to carry large volumes of snow.

The Garant was the most convenient and cozy to use. The poly blade has edges on the sides, similar to combo shovels, which can persuade you to lift snow with this monstrosity as well. Defy the desire. We found it difficult and hard to turn the long, curved handle and flip over the blade to discard what we collected, especially when carrying a load. The Garant is still a solid option for clearing a few inches of snow from your driveway and walkways.

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4. Most Ergonomic and Comfortable

A great all-purpose shovel is the ErgieShovel. Despite having a short shaft, we discovered that this shovel was the most ergonomic to use for extended periods of time because of its dual handle design. It received a mention for shoveling and held its own against the other contestants when it came to pushing. One of the two shovels we evaluated that can be disassembled into a smaller size for more convenient storage is the ErgieShovel. In addition, it is substantially less expensive than the competition.

Some individuals will be confused by the dual handle; some of our testers weren't fans of this design at first, but even those who weren't initially fans found that it rapidly became second nature. We are also concerned about the plastic scoop's durability. However, during our testing, this shovel did not actually sustain any damage.

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5. Best On a Tight Budget
Snow Joe Shovelution SJ-SHLV01

The design of the Snow Joe Shovelution SJ-SHLV01 is intriguing. Similar to the Ergieshovel, it has two handles, but the lower handle's shaft is flexible. When you throw snow, that flexibility functions as a spring, giving you more leverage and making shoveling simpler. The Snow Joe is also, by five ounces, the lightest shovel we tested.

The second handle on the spring shaft swings a lot when you are pushing snow and want to switch to shoveling, making it difficult to hold and slowing down the entire process. We still believe that this is a fantastic offer, given the pricing.

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6. Best for Scraping and Pushing
Garant Snow Pusher 24

Our test subjects preferred the Garant Snow Pusher 24 for pushing and scaping. Of the devices we tested, the 24-inch steel blade penetrated concrete the quickest and efficiently cut a wide path. As its name suggests, it prefers to push snow rather than shovel it. The grip is plastic to keep your hand warm, while the shaft, blade, and scoop are all made of metal. The resilience with which this snow shovel can survive difficult conditions is strengthened by these materials.

This shovel's scoop lacks sides, making it harder to pick up and move snow than it would be with versions with more conventional scoops. This is also one of the heaviest snow shovels we've tested, weighing in at over six pounds, which can make clearing a long driveway more taxing.

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7. Best for Light Snows
The Snowcaster 30SNC

A unique tool for a specific job is the Snowcaster 30SNC shovel. We put this to the test under two quite different circumstances. The first was after two inches of snow fell, and this model performed admirably when removing snow from our sidewalks. It accomplished the task far more quickly and with much less effort from the operator than any other shovel could. This plastic scoop is noticeably substantial and sturdy, unlike some others that feel flimsy and weak.

The second set of circumstances occurred as an intense Sierra storm dumped 18 inches of wet, heavy snow. This shovel was useless under these circumstances. It simply couldn't move because of the amount of snow. The Snowcaster cannot be used to scrape or shovel. It became too cumbersome and hefty to do anything but plow snow. It's also important to note that the Snowcaster, which weighed 9 lbs. 6 oz. and was by far the heaviest of the shovels we examined, was twice as heavy as the typical shovel.

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8. A Light and Solid Performer
True Temper Poly 18

The True Temper Poly 18 and its sibling product, the True Temper 20 Aluminum, which is also our preferred overall model, have a lot in common. It has the same shaft, handle, and overall length, in our opinion. The scoop is where it diverges. It uses an 18-inch plastic scoop that is 18 inches narrower than an aluminum scoop. With this modification, it is now a more manageable package that is lighter.

The scoop flexes quite noticeably, which causes it to deflect while scraping over harder snow or ice. It has a nylon wear strip, which protects the surfaces you are stomping on but also contributes to it not scraping as well as other models we tested.

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9. Ergonomic Do-It-All Shovel
Suncast SC3250

The shovel we use at work all winter is the Suncast SC3250. Has the design been flashy? No. Which of our categories does it win? Nope. Its reliability and adaptability come from the fact that it performs wonderfully in any setting in which we put it. We discovered that we loved the operating position that this shovel puts us in, despite having the most pronounced shaft bend.

It flexes and bends a lot, just like some of the other shovels with plastic scoops. It is more challenging to scrape with this quality.

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True Temper 18-Inch Aluminum

The True Temper 18-Inch Aluminum Snow Shovel is comparable to our Editors' Choice selection, but it has a metal blade for greater toughness and longevity. With the aid of the steel wear strip, the aluminum material efficiently cut through snow and sawdust and scraped off the snowpack better than most of the other shovels in the test. However, one tester complained that the shovel's flat, sideless design prevented it from scooping deep snow. "The strengthened edge made it useful for breaking up and cleaning frozen places on the driveway and patio," the tester stated. Although we liked that the low-friction surface avoided snow buildup, we found that to be particularly true in drier powder. We also admired the strong steel handle. Under larger loads, it was rigid but didn't contribute much weight.


Buying guide

There are three main varieties of shovels, and each is made for moving snow in a somewhat different method. There are shovels designed for pushing, lifting, and hybrid uses. Each type is useful to have, but a combination shovel's versatility makes it the best all-around worker.

The heavy-duty polypropylene blade on many shovels prevents them from scratching delicate surfaces like wooden decks. Be careful though, as this plastic substance is less effective at breaking up ice or hard-packed snow, which is why some poly blades have metal wear strips. These are practical but still fall short of a full steel or aluminum blade replacement. These materials are more substantial than plastic, and steel in particular is prone to rusting. The trade-off, though, can be worthwhile if you're knee-deep in thick, ice-crusted snow.

Additionally, take into account the handle design and blade breadth. More snow can be moved by larger blades. When using push shovels, this is helpful, but less so if you intend to largely lift snow. Depending on whether the snow is dry and light or moist and heavy, one square foot of snow can weigh anywhere between 3 and 21 pounds. For traditional and combination shovels, Martin Tirado, CEO of the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA), suggests choosing a blade that is 24 inches or less wide.

The blade may be much wider if you want a push shovel, he claims. By demanding less effort from your lower back muscles, an ergonomically constructed handle with an angled bend, a smooth curve, or a smaller second handle to help you raise the shovel can also help lessen the strain on your body.

Safety and Best Practices

According to Nationwide Children's Hospital experts, shoveling snow is a strenuous activity that causes an average of 11,500 injuries, medical problems, and even a few fatalities each year. Shovel work often resembles a strenuous workout, according to Tirado. Wear weather-appropriate, highly visible apparel and high-traction snow boots in addition to employing the right equipment. Before you begin clearing, warm up, and pay attention to your shoveling technique. In order to keep the loads manageable during storms, SIMA also advises clearing snow at intervals of a few inches rather than waiting for it to stop falling.

After you've shoveled, use de-icing products to coat the walkways. The most common option is rock salt, also known as sodium chloride, but it only melts ice when the temperature is over 15 degrees. Magnesium chloride functions well in colder climates but, like sodium chloride, is caustic and, when used repeatedly, can harm paved surfaces and vegetation. Try Entry, a spray that doesn't include chloride and lowers the freezing point of water in conditions as low as -63 degrees.

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