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Reviews and rankings of the top home food vacuum sealers

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  Aug 10, 2022 2:08 PM

is a novel method of food preservation in contemporary kitchens. Even while you're not home, the vacuum sealer will help you preserve your meals. You won't have to be concerned about purchasing food at the shop and having it spoil before you can eat it. For several reasons, vacuum sealers are vital. When you preserve food with a vacuum sealer, they enhance food storage and increase the shelf life of your food. Everything will be ideal with the best vacuum sealer for home use.

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1. NutriChef PKVS Sealer | Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing System

is the greatest option for your needs if you're hunting for a food freeze and want the highest quality you can find at a reasonable price. As a vacuum sealing tool, no other appliance comes close to its top-of-the-line model.

2. Vacuum Sealer Machine By Mueller | Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing

The top vacuum sealers might be very pricey and challenging to get in stores. Finding the best appliance can be difficult for many people because they don't have much time.

3. Uniden R3 EXTREME LONG RANGE Laser/Radar Detector

Your items will automatically become more delicious and gorgeous with the Insta-Seal device. This is a full-featured vacuum sealer for food and beverages! Stop cleaning up now! Comparatively speaking to comparable appliances, the Insta-Seal apparatus has a larger air pocket.

4. GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine, Automatic Food Sealer for Food

Fresh goods may be quickly vacuum sealed! When you can simply use the robotic Insta-Seal device to vacuum seal meals in minutes without wasting any clean water, you don't need to rely on antiquated technologies that require hours or days of hot packing to maintain freshness.

5. NESCO VS-12 Deluxe Food Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit with Vacuum

A built-in air compressor is a feature of the Food Saver vacuum sealer. Although it isn't the greatest vacuum sealer available, it is still superior to the majority of them. Which part of that makes sense?

6. VS-12 Deluxe Vacuum Sealer

Powerful suction, numerous pressure settings, an accessory connection for items like jar attachments, and the flexibility to make either a single or double seal on bags make this a reasonably priced and extremely effective appliance fit for the demands of the majority of home cooks. Additionally, this sealer includes a drawer for storing rolls and a built-in bag cutter. Due of its adaptability, it is perfect for a variety of tasks, including sous vide and meal preparation that involves vacuum sealing jars and bags. It is simple to operate thanks to a big handle, and the control panel has clear labels—a quality we examine all of our kitchen equipment for.


strong suction
auxiliary port
integrated bag cutter


Reviewers report a slow seal cycle

7. Vacuum Sealer Machine

This well-liked food vacuum sealer is under $50, portable, lightweight, and small. Easy-to-use soft touch digital buttons provide access to two sealing modes, and both vacuum sealer rolls and bags can be used with it. Additionally, a divided design makes it simple to clean and maintain the machine because you can remove the upper lid to access the vacuum chamber and gaskets. Just be aware that online reviews claim it takes some practice to perfect the seal with this vacuum sealer.


Minimalistic and light
friendly to users
simple to clean


There is a starting learning curve, according to reviews.

8. Vacuum Sealer NUTRICHEF

This device has two distinct settings that may be selected with a single touch: dry and moist. If you frequently package marinated meats for sous vide, fatty meals like fish, or leftovers with residual moisture, the wet mode is very crucial because it will help you get a tight seal regardless of any minute droplets of liquid. The control panel's slick buttons and slide design are appealing to us and make it much easier to clean. This vacuum sealer is available in four different colors if you also prefer to coordinate all of your appliances.


One-touch functionality
well-seals wet foods
Four hues are offered.

If the bag is overly full, the outcomes will vary.

9. VS3150 Vacuum Sealer & Food Preservation System FOODSAVER - MOST VERSATILE FOOD VACUUM SEALER

This brand-new FoodSaver vacuum sealer does everything. It contains a built-in portable adaptor that can be used with resealable bags and extra accessories, such as bottle-stoppers and reusable containers, and vacuum seals both moist and dry foods using pre-cut bags or a roll that stores inside the appliance.

Although situating the bags for good sealing required some getting used to, we tested all the features and found that they were all quite simple to operate. With no symptoms of freezer burn, vacuum-sealed chicken breast and hamburger patties kept for weeks in the freezer, while apple slices kept their fresh-cut hue in the refrigerator. It also worked well for meal preparation and sous vide.


Try the Anova, made by the same company known for its sous vide cooker, for a sleek, contemporary alternative that you won't mind keeping on your countertop or pulling out of a drawer (our top pick for the Best Soude Vide Machines of 2022). It works nicely and is an excellent option for those who are new to vacuum sealing or sous vide because it only has three buttons and simple, pictorial instructions. Additionally, this model includes 10 bags so you can start vacuum sealing right immediately. Test results showed that it was also rather quick, sealing steaks in just 20 to 30 seconds. The absence of extras like an accessory port, a bag cutter, and bag storage is its only drawback.


Simple to use
Minimalistic and light
three options


Limited capabilities

11. Cordless Food Vacuum Sealer, Handheld - BEST HANDHELD FOOD VACUUM SEALER

This handheld vacuum sealer performed admirably in our testing despite its small size (it weighs just one pound and fits in the palm of your hand!). Apple slices remained unblemished after three weeks of storage, strawberries exhibited no observable mildew, and chicken lacked freezer burn. It sealed 60 FoodSaver quart-size zipper bags on a single charge, which was impressive for a battery life. Additionally, the bags are designed to be reused, making them excellent for meal preparation. This saves money and is better for the environment.

This is an excellent option if you want to keep things simple, especially if you're new to vacuum sealing. If you're looking for a vacuum sealer with several settings and loads of variety, this isn't the vacuum sealer for you.


performed well in tests at the lab
able to seal 60 bags on a single charge
extremely portable


single setting


This machine is about as close to commercial-grade as you can get for sealing huge amounts of meat, while being heavier and less appealing than other models. With a 680-watt, fan-cooled motor that resists overheating even under prolonged use, it is a true workhorse. Even so, a one-touch control panel with intuitive controls makes it easy enough for beginners to use. If you want to sous vide brisket or pork butt, it can even take 16-inch wide bags for big chunks of meat.


withstands extensive use
One-touch functionality
auxiliary port



Buying guide

How we test food vacuum sealers

Since 1900, the Best machinery Institute has conducted product testing. To uncover the greatest goods on the market that truly perform, the analysts in the Kitchen Appliances and Innovation Lab now thoroughly and meticulously assess kitchen equipment and cooking instruments.

The GH Kitchen Appliances Lab analyzes foods like chicken breast and hamburger patties to see how long they can be stored without developing freezer burn. In order to determine whether more delicate goods, like berries, can be preserved without being crushed, we also put them to the test. We test for functionality, including ease of use, setting clarity, noise level, speed at which food is sealed, and any other special features like built-in bag cutters and holders.

How to choose the finest food vacuum sealer: What to look for

The top vacuum sealers are compact and versatile (they can seal both dry goods and liquids, as well as pulse and seal), but it's important to take into account the following aspects before making a purchase:

Countertop vs. handheld: If you depend on your food vacuum sealer frequently, the improved performance and longevity of a countertop device may fit you better. However, if you have limited room or travel about a lot, you'll probably prefer the maneuverability of a handheld machine. Here's the distinction:

For modest jobs and meal preparation, handheld devices often use Ziplock-style bags with a small air removal port. However, they are less successful in keeping air out.
Considering their size, countertop models can frequently employ both pre-cut and cut-to-size bags. Since there is nowhere for the air to escape or let other air in, they are more adaptable and provide results that endure longer. Like potato chip and cereal bags, the majority can also reseal bags.

Functions: Consider your needs before purchasing a vacuum sealer. Do you require something simple and understandable for straightforward chores, such as occasionally freezing leftovers or slices of meat? Or do you require a versatile workhorse with sous vide capabilities? Remember that you can use these tools for almost anything: Along with meats like chicken, cattle, and fish, dry products like flour, sugar, pasta, biscuits, and even coffee beans can be sealed. You can also seal fruits, vegetables, cheese, and pre-cooked meals like soups and stews.

Bag type: Rolls are preferable than pre-cut bags if you require various bag sizes for various purposes because you may size these rolls to your specifications. Additionally, be sure to get boil-safe bags or rolls if you intend to sous vide. Just keep in mind that not all vacuum sealer bags work with all machines, so be sure to verify the model's requirements first.

Is vacuum sealing worth it?

Vacuum sealing is worthwhile whether you hunt, buy in bulk, or freeze tiny portions for meal preparation. Most food is kept from spoiling as rapidly as it would in an airless container, and freezer burn, which impairs flavor and texture, is also avoided. For keeping food fresher in the freezer, I really enjoy vacuum sealing, says Nicole Papantoniou, director of the Kitchen Appliances Lab. I frequently vacuum-seal individual servings to make easy work of defrosting them.

Additionally useful for sous vide cooking are vacuum sealers. It guarantees a tight seal to keep liquids out of the bag.

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