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The Top 10 Flat Top Grills for 2023

Royal S Hanks
  Feb 9, 2023 12:31 PM

Every family has always loved getting together on Sundays to barbecue. During the summer, people gather with friends and family in their backyards to celebrate holidays like Father's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. Today, though, Sunday grilling is not exclusively a summertime activity. More and more individuals are cooking hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks, and other foods on their grills all year round. This is the reason gas-operated flat-top grills have replaced the more traditional open-fire or charcoal-type outdoor grills.


A grill is a cooking stove that is made of a metal plate with ridges of metal bars on it, to begin with. Steaks have scorched lines on them because of the traditional grills we use for barbecues. On the other side, flat top grills lack metal ridges. Instead, they include a cooking surface in the form of a flat metal plate.

In actuality, flat top grills resemble griddles; nevertheless, the heating mechanism between the two is very different. Griddles use various fuels to heat the metal plates, but a flat top grill has a more complex heating element that distributes heat radially throughout the flat surface.

Because they provide an uniform distribution of heat throughout the cooking surface, flat-top grills are the greatest option for grilling aficionados who want to cook a variety of mouthwatering dishes for their friends and family.

This article will in-depth examine some of the flat-top grills from brands like Blackstone, Camp Chef, and Royal Gourmet that have received the best reviews.


10 Best Flat Top Grills – 2020 Rating

1. Blackstone 1825 36-inch Accessory Griddle with Side Shelf, 4-burner 


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Strong design with a black steel frame that has been powder-coated, stainless steel burners, and a thick cooktop made of cold-rolled steel.
Simple to put together, use, and clean.
Simple ignition.
grease management system on the back.

comes without a thermometer.


One of Blackstone's premier griddles is this one. An electric (battery-powered) push-button igniter on this flat-top propane barbecue enables a hassle-free start. It has a large cooktop that is 36 inches wide and has 4 burners, allowing the user to simultaneously prepare various foods with diverse heat requirements!

Built with four heavy-duty caster wheels for easy mobility to any location, including your backyard or a neighboring park. The griddles side shelf, which offers the user a moveable chopping board, a handy paper towel holder, and thoughtfully placed garbage bag hooks, is the most desired feature. A new rear grease management system from Blackstone is also available to help with clean-up.

2. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill


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Grill and griddle are interchangeable.
simple to construct
Contains a thermometer?
Grease tray to capture grease that drips.

larger at 142 pounds.
It's only a little difficult to transport because of the two wheels.
It can be difficult to clean the cooking surface since some material can attach to it.

This flat-top grill is 36 inches wide, and it comes with a grilling system and a replaceable flat-top griddle. The Griddle's surface area is 604 square inches, while the Grilling surface is 501 square inches. Additionally, it boasts a matchless ignition system and 4 stainless steel burners. Additionally, large folding side shelves give the user extra workspace for cutting and chopping. For simpler cooking and cleaning, it has a grease pan, catches bucket, and micro-adjust griddle levelers.

3. Cuisinart CGG-999 30-inch Round Flat Top Surface Outdoor, 360 degrees XL Griddle Cooking Station


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Equipment that can be used for baking, smoking, steaming, and other cooking methods in addition to grilling and frying.
has a metal lid with a vent included.
a 360-degree grease pan that naturally directs grease to the cup for cleaning.

lacks natural gas conversion, resulting in high gas consumption.
It is difficult to move or carry due to its circular shape.


The three independently controllable burners on the griddle allow the operator to regulate the hot and cold zones on the surface. The cover, which is made of sturdy stainless steel and has a vent, can be used for the griddle's various cooking operations, including smoking, steaming, baking, and roasting.

For simple grease management, a large 360-degree grease pan naturally directs grease toward a removable grease cup. Two side tables are also included, which are great for prepping food before it goes on the griddle. Under one of the side tables, there is a paper towel holder for added convenience.

The propane tank can be stored in the cabinet below, keeping it close by but out of the way for a cleaner, more modern appearance.

4. Blackstone 1554 36-inch Outdoor Flat Top Grill Griddle Station, 4-burner

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simple to construct
grease management system on the back.
transportable with ease and stable locking system.
With only 120 lbs., this is significantly lighter.

Since some grease still drips onto the legs and makes a mess, the grease drip needs to be redesigned.

This flat top propane grill is another masterpiece from Blackstone. It boasts a wide 36-inch cooking surface and 4 burners with adjustable levers for simpler grilling. This has 4 caster wheels, including 2 lockable ones, for simple travel.

Without the retractable cutting board, paper towel holder, and garbage bag hooks, this flat top griddle is essentially identical to the Blackstone 1825 in terms of functionality.

5. Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill, Stainless Steel Lid, 22-inch Round Outdoor Flat Top Gas, 360 degrees Griddle Cooking Center

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The lower size results in equipment that weighs 60 lbs. less.
Equipment that can be used for baking, smoking, steaming, and other cooking methods in addition to grilling and frying.
has a metal lid with a vent included.
A paper towel holder is included with the collapsible prep table.

Its size makes it suitable for cooking meals for fewer people.
A roasting rack is an add-on item.

This is essentially a smaller version of the Cuisinart CGG-999, which is its XL sibling. The distinctions are that this flat griddle only has two separately controllable burners and one foldable prep table as opposed to three.

With a 360-degree grease pan, which flows naturally into the grease cup, the grease management is the same.

6. Royal Gourmet GD401C 4-Burner Portable Propane Flat Top Gas Grill and Griddle Combo, Black

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Extremely adaptable; can cook on a flat surface, a grill, or with pots and pans.
Due to its foldability, it is simple to pack and travel.
ability to stand even on crooked surfaces thanks to its adjustable legs.
ignition starter with a battery.
made of rust-resistant steel that has been powder coated.

No whistles and bells.
Legs lack wheels, thus moving this 85 lb. equipment requires a lot of hauling.
Not included is a propane tank.

You may use the grill and griddle at the same time because they are set up on top of two separately controlled burners. The ability to remove either the grill or the griddle (or both!) and utilize the burners to cook with pots and pans makes this equipment incredibly adaptable. Because of its adjustable legs, which keep it steady on uneven ground, this is also among the best outdoor griddles. This is really ideal for outdoor cooking or camping.

7. Royal Gourmet GB4001 36-inch, 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle Outdoor Flat Top

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With two side handles for easy removal and cleaning, the griddle plate is already seasoned.
This is secure and portable thanks to the four lockable caster wheels.
electric ignition starter with no bother.
Greater grease cup that is removable.

lacks a bottom shelf as the GB4000 model does.
It is less transportably compact due to the fixed side tables.

This propane grill griddle features side/prep tables in addition to a sizable, pre-seasoned griddle plate with a surface area of 792 square inches. Additionally, it has four strong burners with individual controls that let you cook a variety of foods simultaneously at different temperatures.

Its large removable grease cup, which can store more grease for longer cookouts and makes it easier to clean afterward, is another minor but distinctive feature.

This boasts a straightforward, durable open-cart design with four lockable caster wheels for stability.

8. Blackstone 28-inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

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with durability in consideration during manufacturing.
The two wheels make it portable and simple to move.
Cooktop that is a decent size and weighs 75 lbs.
zone of controllable heat.

difficult to put together.
If this had had two prep side tables, that would have been fantastic.

The only difference between this flat griddle and the Blackstone 1554 is the size of the flat top griddle, which is only 28 inches. There are two differences: there is only one foldable prep table instead of two, and there are only two burners instead of three. With its two lockable caster wheels instead of the typical four, this model also has the feel and appearance of a cart.

9. Blackstone Table Top Grill, 17-inch Portable Gas Griddle

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This model is ideal for you and your small group if you wish to cook outside but have a tight budget.
Integrated grease collection and a hassle-free electronic ignition.
extremely transportable and light.
It only takes a few minutes to set up.

Some evaluations claim that this model struggles to function well in windy circumstances.
You need to find a flat area to operate this effectively because it isn't equipped with legs.
The drip tray is not very large.

This particular design epitomizes portability! You can cook for the family on its 17-inch flat top without having to deal with the hassle of bringing bulky equipment in and out of the house or automobile. The Blackstone portable barbecue boasts a built-in grease catcher, an easy-to-use electric igniter, and fuel that comes in handy 1 lb propane bottles. Despite having only one burner, the "H"-shaped burner on this griddle allows for even heating and quick frying.

Because the griddle top fits the body when turned upside down and takes up less space, this is also incredibly simple to store.

10. Royal Gourmet PD1300 Portable 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle

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Even though it is large, it is still readily transported outside and put away after use.
system for managing grease that is superior.
simple to set up
Excellent client care.

Compared to bar-style burners, round burners don't truly transfer heat uniformly.

This is the pinnacle of portability and performance! With this portable grill's 24-inch length, you may prepare a feast for a family of average size. It is only fair that this includes a large cooktop and 3 separately controlled, ring-shaped burners as well as a hassle-free ignition system.

The griddle of this apparatus is coated with porcelain, making cleanup simple after use, while the side grease cup is hidden and detachable for a cleaner appearance.


How good are flat top grills?

More sorts of food can be cooked on a flat top grill than on a standard or traditional barbecue. Additionally, they control oil better and distribute heat more evenly. Today, a lot of flat-top grills are also manufactured of materials that are extremely long-lasting and sturdy, making them quite affordable for grill lovers.

Why are Blackstone griddles so popular?

Many consumers informed us that they could easily prepare restaurant-quality food at home and no longer felt the need to go out to eat. And many of them mentioned how much fun it was to recreate popular restaurant recipes using a griddle because of its adaptability!

Are Blackstone griddles worth it?

The griddle also has four powerful burners, an electrical ignition that actually works, and it heats up extremely quickly. The heavy duty locking wheels are by far the greatest we've ever had on any outdoor equipment, according to my husband, who also noted how simple it is to move this grill about thanks to them.

Final thought

A flat-top grill is unquestionably a fantastic addition to your house, especially if you can find one that serves numerous purposes and is simple to operate, clean, and maintain. The Blackstone 1825 came in first place on the list when these attributes were taken into account, along with the numerous evaluations from various reliable websites.

The Blackstone 1825 model was superior to others in terms of features, portability, cleaning, and accessories, aside from the fact that Blackstone is a reputable name for their assortment of portable flat-top grills. You can easily cook food for a large number of people thanks to its enormous griddle. Due to the two prep tables on the side, it is also thought to be efficient equipment and is frequently contrasted with the commercial flat-top grills used by restaurants. Even bringing extra tables is unnecessary while dining outside.


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