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Reviews of the top 10 electric knife sharpeners for 2023

Royal S Hanks
  Feb 9, 2023 11:45 AM

Knives are one of the most important items in any home, particularly in the kitchen. Many people may find it inconvenient when these knives become dull, especially if they have invested in a high-quality knife set. Of course, even the best knife set will not last a lifetime, and all blades will become dull at some point. With each use, the cutting edge of a knife becomes misshapen or chipped.


1. Work Sharp Culinary E4 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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Has a built-in vacuum, so anticipates a clean environment.
Can sharpen kitchen shears and knives with serrations; Angle guides make it simpler to achieve a precise sharpening.


Over time, sanding belts may need to be replaced.

The Work Sharp Culinary E4 knife sharpener is what we'll start with. Thanks to its adaptable sharpening belts, this three-stage sharpening machine will give you a factory-quality edge with the push of a button.

Its sharpening stations with 17-degree knife guides make it simpler to sharpen a knife with clarity and accuracy. It can sharpen a wide range of knife brands and styles, including the most basic cutlery and expensive exotic steels. The fact that it can sharpen serrated knives, kitchen scissors, and poultry shears—all of which are notoriously difficult to sharpen—is its strongest feature.

Not only that, but the E4 features an integrated vacuum that is excellent for maintaining clean countertops. The best part is that it's always there when you need it because it's made to work in harmony with your kitchen and prevent food contamination.

2. Presto Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

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A three-stage sharpening technique would guarantee consistently professional results.
Sharpening is done using ceramic and sapphire grinding wheels, which are ideal for long-term use.
Blade size indication allowing practically any knife to be sharpened
Simple to use and good for beginners.


Possibly ineffective with serrated knives

The Presto Professional knife sharpener is the next item on our list, and right away, its three-stage sharpening technique sticks out. You may achieve professional results at home thanks to this.

Thanks to its coarse and medium Sapphirite grinding wheels, the first and second stages of sharpening provide the blade the right angle and a precise edge. The extra-fine grit ceramic wheel used in the third step polishes the blade and perfects its razor-sharp edge, bringing the procedure to a close. To get the desired sharpness, simply repeatedly slide the blade through the angled slots.

Along with a blade size indicator, this knife sharpener enables you to sharpen a variety of blade sizes, from those as thin as pairing and fillet knives to those as thick as cleavers and hunting knives. Did I also say that it costs slightly more than $50? Ain't that a deal, then.

3. Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

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Abrasive diamonds making blade reshaping simpler
Making it simpler to sharpen a blade is a 3-stage sharpening procedure.
sharpens knives with both straight and serrated edges.


Not all blade types may be suited for a fixed sharpening angle.
Perhaps not for thick blades

The Chef's Choice 12 Trizor XV lives up to its name by turning conventional knives' standard 20-degree factory edges to a Trizor XV 15-degree edge. By making the edges thinner and sharper, this angle difference greatly improves a knife's effectiveness and allows it to cut through nearly anything.

Additionally, it boasts a three-stage sharpening method that enables you to sharpen your knives progressively while still getting professional results. On stages 1 and 2, it has conical disks with diamond abrasives of varied grits to create the correct 15-degree angle on your straight and serrated blades. The third stage has flexible stropping disks that provide your blades with a final polish and guarantee a beautiful, straight edge.

The use of it is likewise rather simple. Simply pass the blade over the recommended area for the first time for around a minute. When you sharpen your blade again, it will just take ten seconds. It's that simple!

4. Chef’sChoice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Electric Knife Sharpener

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Sharpening thicker blades is made simpler by the angle selection.

both straight and serrated blades are sharpened and jones


Possibly ineffective with curved blades

is more expensive than anything on this list.

We now present the 1520 Angle Select, another knife sharpening from Chefs Choice. The characteristics of the preceding model are present in this one as well. Every time you utilize the three-stage sharpening procedure, the results will be the best.

This one is unique in that it can sharpen a knife at both a 15-degree and a 20-degree angle, providing a more diverse sharpening experience. It can sharpen both Asian and European type blades, which are commonly sharpened at a 15-degree angle.

Knives are easily recreated and reshaped with the diamond abrasive. For occasional honing of the blades, the flexible stropping and polishing disks are ideal because they guarantee a perfectly polished edge, making the blades always ready for use.

5. Chef’sChoice Diamond Hone EdgeSelect Knife Sharpener Model 120

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vast variety of blades are sharpened and honed.

Compared to the other Chef's Choice models, not as user-friendly

Let's now go on to a different Chef's Choice sharpener. The same diamond abrasive sharpening disks that Chef's Choice has trademarked ensure effortless sharpening and consistently sharp blades with the 120 Edge Select. All of your blades may be razor sharp, thanks to its stropping disk.

It can be applied to a variety of knife designs. It offers the option to choose the best edges for serrated, butcher, sporting, and gourmet knives thanks to its Edge Select capabilities. By reaffirming each blade's factory sharpness, it makes sure they all operate significantly better than they did before.

6. Chef’sChoice 270 Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

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Diamond abrasive wheels with a combination of electrical and manual sharpening for a quicker and easier sharpening

the blade edge is reshaped, increasing durability.


Others might not favor blades with an arch form.

The 270 Hybrid is the final offering in our Chef's Choice series. The sophisticated three-stage hybrid sharpening process used by this knife sharpener combines both manual honing and electric sharpening.

The 270 hybrids' stages 1 and 2 are electric sharpeners that can be used for quick and simple sharpening. It contains diamond abrasive wheels that make reshaping and sharpening your blade effective. The third stage includes hand honing, which is ideal for giving your blade a razor-sharp, arch-shaped edge and making it more resilient. Serrated knives can also be sharpened at the third stage because, if improperly utilized, electrical sharpeners can cause the teeth to become dull.

This knife sharpener works well with a variety of blade types, including pocket knives as well as everyday kitchen and home knives as well as light sport knives.

7. Work Sharp Combo Knife Sharpener

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Simple to use and quick outcomes
The size is ideal for the kitchen and office because it takes up less room.
A guide-mounted ceramic honing rod delivers a precise and honed cutting edge.


Over time, abrasive belts need to be replaced.
Between sharpening, you might need to swap to belts with various grits.

Let's move on to the next brand now. Buckle up as we continue as we discuss a couple of the high-quality and efficient electric knife sharpeners that Work Sharp also offers us.

Work Sharp Combo is the first item on our list. With its flexible abrasive belts and ceramic honing rod, this electric knife sharpener combines powerful sharpening technology with manual honing. Anytime you require a knife sharpening system, this combination makes it possible.

Every time you use it, the flexible abrasive belt and fixed 25-degree sharpening guide produce a precise cutting edge. It can sharpen pocket knives, common kitchen knives, and even serrated knives, which is a difficult task. It is accompanied with a ceramic honing rod, which, of course, with the aid of its honing guide, perfectly refines your cutting edge.

Having said that, it is important to remember that the abrasive belts may eventually need to be replaced. Abrasive belts lose their effectiveness with each usage, so it's essential to replace them every 12 to 18 months to guarantee you always receive the greatest results.

8. Work Sharp WSSAKO81112 Blade Grinder Attachment

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Lightweight and provides a professional setting for your work station
gives you the most control and accuracy possible.
Knife handles can be ground and shaped with it.


It's not exactly appropriate for the kitchen because it is still only an attachment and not the entire electric knife sharpener.

This next item on our list is an add-on for an electric knife sharpener that Work Sharp currently sells (the Ken Onion which we will be discussing later on). The WSSAKO81112 blade grinder attachment is the ideal choice for people who want to sharpen knives by hand.

The 90-degree side of this attachment makes it ideal for chefs who want to sharpen their knives by hand. It is now simpler to accurately adjust and manage the angle so that you can get the desired sharpness. It's also helpful for bladesmiths because they can use it to shape the handles in addition to sharpening the blades.

The other side features adjustable angles and a blade rest where you would just set your blade and grind away, letting the angled flexible abrasive band do the work for you when you don't know how to sharpen a blade freehand.

While it may be lightweight, the high-quality materials used to make it ensure that it will last you a very, very long time. It's ideal for people who want a workstation that looks professional but doesn't take up a lot of room.

9. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition

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Developed and created by a renowned knife maker
You can fully control and handle your blade during sharpening with a variable speed setting. There are also attachment options available for your convenience.

This may be considered more of a power tool than a kitchen accessory.

Let's now move on to the electric sharpener's main component because we already discussed one of its attachments. The world-famous knife maker Ken Onion is credited with designing and co-engineering this Work Sharp knife and tool sharpener Ken Onion edition. The knife and tool sharpener from Work Sharp has been upgraded.

With the help of its incredible features, which all flawlessly complement one another, it is made to sharpen knives with ease and precision. The machine itself is the first; it has adjustable speed settings to suit every sharpening need. To quickly and easily sharpen and reshape a blade, you can go at rapid speeds, or you can move slowly to honing your blades.

Additionally, it has a sharpening guide that is adjustable, allowing you to decide how sharp you want your blade to be. Not to mention the premium flexible abrasive belts that produce a robust, long-lasting convex edge that is razor-sharp.

Work Sharp also offers another attachment that would work with the Ken Onion edition of their knife and tool sharpening if this one is perhaps not really for you.

10. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

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It has many uses and can sharpen a variety of knives as well as bladed gadgets.
Sharpening aids that produce effects quickly, easily, repeatedly, and consistently


Given that it is a power tool, the kitchen may not be the best place for it.

Let's proceed to the original Work Sharp tool and knife sharpener now. Nothing can compare to the original, as they say, and this only serves to confirm that. Although the Ken Onion version may have a few enhancements, this one still has plenty of power.

Thanks to its precise provision of sharpening guides, it can essentially sharpen every knife you possess like a pro swiftly, easily, and with repeatable, consistent results. It includes superior abrasive grit belts that are ideal for all of your sharpening requirements. Additionally, the removal of the abrasive grit belts is simple, making the transition between grit belts simple.

True to its name, it can sharpen a variety of bladed instruments, as well as lawn and garden equipment like lawnmower blades, garden pruners, shears, shovels, scrapers, and more. The excellent handheld detail grinder is also made.


Buying guide

A knife may be sharpened in a number different ways. You may have observed that many chefs and home cooks frequently utilize an honing steel, a metal rod used to "sharpen" knives. The knife is not actually sharpened by an honing steel. Simply realigning the cutting edge improves performance and appearance.

We also have sharpening stones in addition to that. This really creates a new, much sharper edge by grinding away material from your knife's cutting edge. Since you must grind the blade onto the stone, this requires considerable labor, but it is the best method if you are serious about keeping your knives sharp.

In spite of the fact that utilizing sharpening stones to properly sharpen a knife requires skill and accuracy, some individuals still desire to be able to do it quickly and easily. A cook's best buddy is an electric knife sharpener because they are convenient and easy to use.

Finding the best electric knife sharpener at an affordable price might be challenging because there are so many on the market. You may need to read reviews about it. You're in luck since we did the research for you and have listed the top 10 electric knife sharpeners available for you below. You can then choose which one is best for you.

Final thought

If you've read this far, you may already have chosen the ideal sharpener for you. You might find some of the qualities described to be appealing, or you might find the product itself to be quite convenient. If not, perhaps these suggestions would be useful.

The Presto Professional and the Chef's Choice 270 Hybrid are my top picks for electrical knife sharpeners that won't break the bank. Knife sharpeners that are simple, efficient, and long-lasting can be had for less than $100. Due to their low operating costs, both of these are ideal for home cooks.

The Chef's Choice 15 Trizor XV comes highly recommended if money isn't really an issue for you. You can really expect this to provide you professional results every time and would last you for a very long time thanks to its elegant, compact design and diamond abrasives.

Having saying that, selecting the ideal electric knife sharpener for you is still entirely up to you and your preferences. Just be careful to select one that meets your demands for sharpening knives.


Are electric knife sharpeners worth it?

Electric knife sharpeners are simple to use, quick, and frequently provide a number of sharpening options for various blades. On the down side, they are frequently more expensive, demand a power source, are frequently bulkier, and provide less control.

Can electric knife blades be sharpened?

Due to the toughness of the stainless steel used in its construction, sharpening is uncommon and challenging. It's preferable to just replace the knives or have them properly sharpened for the majority of uses.

Which is better diamond or ceramic knife sharpener?

Looking for prompt outcomes? If so, a sharpening stone with diamond coating is the solution! It gets rid of a lot of stuff rapidly. However, the outcome is not as crisp as using a ceramic sharpening stone.


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