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The Top 10 Dual Fuel Generators of 2023: Detailed Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions

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  Aug 10, 2022 1:21 PM

If you care about the environment, you might find the prospect of reducing emissions exciting. Your wish will undoubtedly come true if you use the greatest dual fuel generator. In comparison to generators that exclusively use gasoline, Homechit's upcoming series of generators will significantly lower pollution. Additionally, their compact shape makes them useful on extended journeys. Keep checking back for more stuff!

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1. Champion Power Equipment 76533 Dual Fuel Portable Generator - Best for Your budget

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Product's best feature

Champion Power Equipment's 76533 Portable Generator is our favorite dual fuel generator and it works great. With the same functionality as more costly competitors but at a far cheaper price point, more recent Champion generators are raising the bar on the value proposition.



sufficient electrical power for all required home appliances.

lengthy duration.

The device is immediately operational.

Champion 224cc engine is dependable.

electric push-button rapid start.

Integrated Volt Guard


Electronics cannot safely use the output.

To sum up

The Champion 224cc air-cooled engine, which is dependable and has a low oil shut-off sensor, produces the majority of the power in this generator. This power backup is well-designed. Your life becomes simpler thanks to the energy.

2. DuroMax XP2300iH Dual Fuel Portable Generator - Best inverter generator

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Product's best feature

The 4-stroke dual fuel engine serves as the foundation for Duromax's dual fuel inverter generator. In addition to 2300 starters, this finest dual fuel inverter generator operates on gasoline for 1800 watts. The output is sufficient to power some outdoor and RV equipment as well as necessary equipment during a power outage.



remote beginning


Design that is very portable.

oil level warning system.

RV-ready and suitable for camping.


No parallel cable is provided.

To sum up

Numerous additional features are available from Duromax to improve user experience. A switch and fuel selector dial are also included. Knowing how much fuel is in the tank is made easier with a digital fuel gauge. Additionally, a remote start mechanism is included.

3. Firman H08051 Dual Fuel Portable Generator- Best for Electric appliances

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Product's best feature

We frequently read about Firman dual fuel generators being potent generator machines in reviews. That is the reality, too! The generator impresses with its tough tubular coil body that can withstand pressure and inclement weather. The item may be used for many hours and is ideal for usage outside.


Padded handle with an ergonomic design.

Offer genuinely clean energy.

hefty pair of wheels

Multifuel adaptability

CARB accreditation

powered start.


not certified by cETL.

To sum up

An extensible propane tube is included with the generator for convenient, continuous gas supply. Additionally, the generator can run continuously for 12 hours thanks to the approximately 8-gallon tank size.

4. Mech Marvels Portable MM2350DF Dual Fuel Generator - Best for Small house


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Product's best feature

With a 1,200 watt active capacity and quiet operation, this little dual fuel generator can run your electronics for up to nine hours at full load. Customers can also add another Mech Marvels transmitter to this product for two times the power.



prolonged operation.

a calm activity.

portable style.

very affordable cost


The fuel capacity is minimal.

To sum up

When fuelled by a full tank of LPG, this generator can operate for up to 24 hours. It will therefore enable you to manage the current task effectively. You may use the generator while traveling or camping because it is less cumbersome than most types. Among other things, it can help you light up your tent in particular.

5. All Power America APGG12000GL Dual Fuel Portable Generator - Best for Heavy-duty tasks

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Product's best feature

It is portable and lightweight. It is perfect for camping, tuning, and other business uses both domestically and overseas thanks to this capability. It uses 8 gallons of unleaded gasoline throughout its 8 hours of operation at half load.



robust power outlet

operating at 9,500 watts.

18 HP of engine power.

enormous tank size

10 hours at half-load are possible.


Plastic should not be used for wheels.

To sum up

Starting the finest dual fuel portable generator is a simple two-step process. Just fill the propane or gas tank, then start the generator. For increased durability, the engine is equipped with a low oil shut-off valve. Cast iron is used to make the cylinder bushing.

6. Champion 3400-Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator - Best Hybrid Generator for Outdoors

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Product's best feature

This item may be the one for you if you're seeking for an inverter with a lengthy service life. Given that it is an inverter, it will run for a considerable amount of time—a number of hours longer than any other generator now available—while remaining quite quiet.

You can extend your run time by two times by switching to propane from gasoline. This is the dual fuel inverter generator that has received the most favorable reviews.


The generator is portable and small, and it operates silently.

The behavior of propane and gasoline is similar.

includes a clever eco mode to maximize fuel efficiency and engine longevity.

powered start.

able to run parallel.


The fuel tank is somewhat compact.

To sum up

This hybrid generator portable variant is also incredibly portable due to its small size and two wheels installed on one corner of the generator. The inclusion of the wheels is appreciated.

7. Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator - Best for Long time run

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Product's best feature

The 457cc engine in the Pulsar G12KBN produces 9500 watts while operating on gasoline and 12000 watts at its max. Being a dual fuel type, it also delivers 10800 watts peak and 8550 watts operating when using propane gas.

The output is perfect for producing electricity because it can power all domestic and business equipment.



A dual fuel generator, that is.

has wheels that are flat.

long running time using gasoline.

vast fuel tank

Ideal electric starter with shielding.


limited warranty.

To sum up

But does it have enough outlets to power all of these gadgets or channels? A total of 7 outlets, 4 of which are 120V, are present. There are therefore enough channels to supply electricity to your devices. Last but not least, can the generator run continuously for a long time? The gasoline tank for the machine holds 8 gallons.

8. WEN DF475T Dual Fuel Portable Generator - Best for Ease of use

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Product's best feature

With its dual fuel capacity, the WEN DF475T can run on both gasoline and propane. Both a beginning power of 4750W and a gas-powered wattage of 3800W as well as a starting power of 4350W and a gas-powered wattage of 3500W are available from this portable hybrid generator.



Big 4 gallon tank.

gives a half-load runtime of up to 11 hours with gasoline and 7 hours with 20-gallon LPG.

224cc four-stroke engine

voltages of 12V DC and 120/240V are available.

LPG Connection tubing, 47 inches long.


To keep track of the generator's status, there is no hour meter.

To sum up

The WEN FF475T is user-friendly and has a gas gauge to check the fuel level. A little bit more than 105 pounds total. The well-integrated foldable wheels and handles do, however, perform their intended function of making the object simple to move around and transport to other areas. The EPA and CARB have also given their approval.

9. DuroMax XP5500EH Electric Start Dual Fuel Generator - Best Quiet dual fuel generator

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Product's best feature

Not only is the XP5500HX one of the 5000+ watt generators with the lowest price on the market. However, it also includes a cool CO sensor. If harmful quantities of carbon monoxide are detected, this sensor will instantly shut off the engine.

A CO detection system might be quite useful if you are working on a construction site or utilizing this generator at home as a backup.


the existence of a circuit breaker and a voltmeter.

Avoid causing environmental damage.

Over 4 kilowatts of power for 120/220/12 volt devices.

dashboard with indicators for convenience.

operation that is quiet since a flame arrester and silencer are integrated.


erroneous warranty

To sum up

Additionally, the generator has an oil level indication light and a fuel gauge that let you check the fuel level. It boasts a sophisticated control panel with three different sockets, a voltmeter, and an easily accessible motor start switch.

When first turned on, the DuroMax XP5500EH Dual Fuel Generator makes 69 dB of noise, which is less than a vacuum cleaner.

10. Ford FG11050PBE Dual Fuel Portable Generator - Best for Half load

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Product's best feature

One of the top dual fuel generators on our list is the Ford FG11050PBE Dual Fuel Cell Generator. You can rely on the durability of "reliable Ford Tough" and the power required for harsh weather.

It may be fuelled by either liquid propane or gasoline, and its revolutionary transfer-and-go technology enables seamless switching between fuel types while it is running.


It features a variety of sockets that let you connect different electrical equipment.

All-terrain tires and lowered handlebars make maneuvering a snap.

The 457cc engine has sufficient torque to accomplish challenging tasks.

Large gasoline tank for extended periods of continuous use.


This generator is noisy at 78 dB.

To sum up

On the other hand, the FG11050PBE generator weights over 200 pounds, so you'll need to have extra RV cargo space for it. Given its ridiculous power output of 10 hours, the portable generator's fuel duration at half load is very good. This has the huge 6.6-gallon gas tank to thank in part.


You will gain several advantages from choosing a dual fuel generator, such as increased runtime or environmental friendliness. The majority of these generators are also quite attractive and simple to operate. We hope that our Homechit post will help you select the best dual fuel generator for your needs.You will gain several advantages from choosing a dual fuel generator, such as increased runtime or environmental friendliness. The majority of these generators are also quite attractive and simple to operate. We hope that our Homechit post will help you select the best dual fuel generator for your needs.

The Westinghouse dual fuel generator is a good option if you want a generator that operates effectively and delivers a steady stream of power for numerous devices. The Pulsar dual fuel generator can supply an average-sized home with the necessary power during a power outage if your needs are greater than usual.The Westinghouse dual fuel generator is a good option if you want a generator that operates effectively and delivers a steady stream of power for numerous devices. The Pulsar dual fuel generator can supply an average-sized home with the necessary power during a power outage if your needs are greater than usual.


Are dual fuel generators worth it?

Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness: Although dual fuel generators initially cost around 10 to 15 percent more than standard generators, they are ultimately less expensive to run than single fuel generators because they use two fuel systems. More Effective: Dual fuel generators burn fuel more effectively.

Is it better to run a dual fuel generator on gas or propane?

Generators that run on propane produce fewer BTUs per gallon of fuel than generators that run on gas. But compared to gasoline, propane burns more cleanly, benefiting both the environment and your generator.

How long will a 20 lb propane tank run a generator?

A 20-pound propane tank can power a generator for roughly five hours at a time. This size propane tank typically holds 4.6 gallons of propane. Consequently, the running times may change based on the overall weight of your propane cargo.

Will a 15000 watt generator run a whole house?

A massive portable emergency generator with 15000 operating watts is the Generac 5734 GP15000E. Because it can supply enough electricity to run your complete house like it is nothing, it is also utilized as a standby generator. Large standby generators are a Generac brand id specialty.

What is superior? Firman versus the Champion generator

Although Firman generators can operate an hour or two longer than Champions and Champion generators are slightly quieter, the difference is small. Additionally, both generators include low oil detection and automated shut-off.

Is there a dual fuel Yamaha generator available?

Despite being well known for producing the greatest inverter generators, it appears that Yamaha has little interest in producing dual fuel generators. Consider Champions and DuroMax if you're looking for the best dual fuel generator from a dependable provider!

Investing in a portable hybrid generator will benefit you greatly.

Is purchasing a hybrid generator worthwhile?

Due to their higher output and longer operating times, dual fuel generators are more effective than gas generators. In part because propane is less expensive and ignites quickly even in frigid conditions, they are also less expensive to run.

How do you choose the right generator size?

The device's running capacity is multiplied by three. For the overall power required to operate the unit, multiply the beginning capacity by the running capacity. For instance, a compact refrigerator consumes approximately 350 watts to operate, thus its beginning power will be three times as much, or about 1050 watts.

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