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Polishing machine comparison 2022

You are an absolute car nut and spend a lot of time washing, shampooing, and then polishing your fleet. The latter not only has to be done very thoroughly to avoid any stains from the polish, it is also very tiring in the long run. Make your work easier and rely on a professional polishing machine.

When polishing, you can use either an eccentric or a rotary machine. The latter is particularly suitable for polishing experts who also want to and can repair deep scratches. Whether soft start, soft-grip, or exchangeable polishing pad: You will find the right tool for your purposes in our detailed test and comparison table.
Polishing machine recommendations

Most DIYers choose a sander with a 5- or 6-inch disc, however for heavy-duty work, you could discover an 8-inch sander is preferable. You will additionally wish to contemplate the pace, which is measured in orbits-per-minute: the common obm for these instruments is round 12,000, however some have a variable pace management that permits you to go slower than that if desired.

Purchase advice for the polishing machine test or comparison: Find your vacuum cleaner test winner with our help!
The essentials in brief

In contrast to orbit-sanders, which merely rotate in tiny circles, random orbital sanders not solely rotate, but additionally add a slight wiggling spin to their movement, that means that the rotations don’t have a particular sample–therefore are random–and the ensuing sanding motion may be very nice and easy. However the largest plus is that you just don’t want to fret concerning the path of the wooden grain; nevertheless you progress your random orbital sander, it received’t go away seen marks or scratches on the wooden.

The test and comparison portal from presents you with the best polishing machines.
With a polishing machine, different surfaces can be polished to a high gloss. There are different polishing discs for other purposes. Despite the similarity to a flex, polishing machines are not suitable for coarsely sanding materials.
Beginners should instead use an eccentric polishing machine. This is not as powerful but easier to master. This reduces the risk of damage.
Before you buy, take a look at the power and speed and the accessories and consider whether you want a cordless polisher or a corded model.
The car is the German's favorite child, and on sunny summer Saturdays, you can see car owners everywhere taking care of their vehicles. If you love your car, you don't just drive it through the car wash but polish the car to a high gloss afterward. The best way to do this is with a polishing machine, available in versions suitable for laypeople. If you have little experience, you should not use a professional polishing machine.

In this purchase guide, we will tell you why and what else you need to pay attention to and compare the main types of this device in the 2022 polishing machine comparison.

1. What can the polishing machine do?

A polishing machine is there to smooth surfaces. The most common use is undoubtedly that of car polish. However, a floor polishing machine does not work significantly differently. In addition, stones, wooden bowls, stone bowls, plastic surfaces, or metals are polished with other polishing machines.

The functioning of a polishing machine is similar to that of an angle grinder. With the help of the polishing machine, the paint is minimally removed until the scratches are completely smoothed out. In this respect, polishing machines are similar to grinding machines, except they remove significantly less paint.
During polishing, heat is generated between the polishing wheel and the surface so that the material is quickly removed and becomes malleable. This helps the character become smooth quickly.

However, there is a risk of removing too much. Beginners should therefore start with a beginner's device and low speeds and slowly approach the matter.

If you work too fast at too high a speed or stay in one place for too long, the damage will quickly occur.

2. Which types of polishers are suitable for beginners?

There are two different polishing machines: Eccentric polishing machines and rotary machines. Orbital machines are particularly suitable for beginners, while a profile polishing machine is usually a rotary machine.

kind properties
rotary polishing machine Polishing pads work in an even, circular motion and rotate around their own axis
high temperatures occur
Machines are very powerful and can even polish away deep scratch marks
inexperienced users can easily remove too much paint
Devices are suitable for professionals and experienced users and are correspondingly expensive
Polishing machines for parquet also often work according to this principle
Eccentric polishing machine Machines work in an oscillating manner and virtually imitate the polishing movement by hand; the polishing pad vibrates with it
not such high temperatures arise and the risk of ruining the paintwork is significantly lower
Devices are ideal as beginner machines; however, they do not reach high speeds
Acquisition costs are quite low

3. Purchase advice: What do you have to look out for in a polishing machine?

3.1. Power and speed should not be too low

The wattage is not everything because it primarily tells you how much power the car polisher uses. For the actual authority, it is crucial how the machine's engine can convert this power.

However, specific minimum values should not be undercut. A rotary polishing machine should have 200 watts and an angle grinder no less than 1,200.

The larger the polishing pad, the more power should be available. If the power is too low, the machine's plate cannot rotate properly, even at low pressure.

Another important criterion is the idle speed, given in revolutions per minute (rpm). There is also a lower limit here: the car polishing machine should not have less than 2,500 rpm.

The polishing professional knows that the number of revolutions decreases when more pressure is applied. It is ideal if you can continuously adjust the number of courses.

If you've ever seen weird, circular scuff marks on a bonnet, you know it wasn't an expert at work. Such holograms during polishing can occur if amateurs start with too high a speed. Professional polishing machines usually have fixed rates, which the professional, in contrast to the layman, can handle.

3.2. The work is easier to do with a light device

Polishing machine tests are pretty standard. One aspect that is often overlooked is weight. Polishing the entire car to a shine can take a while, and you have to hold the device in your hand the whole time and even hold it down if necessary.

With a high weight, this becomes quite exhausting in the long run. Therefore, when buying a polishing machine, pay attention to the weight. The differences are not slight here: Light models weigh about 2.5 kilos, heavy 4.5.

3.3. With or without cable - not just a matter of taste

Polishing machine tests often compare corded automotive polishing machines and cordless polishing machines. It would help if you too thought about this point.

Corded auto polishers usually have more power. On the other hand, the cable can get in the way when polishing and restrict freedom of movement. In addition, you always need a power connection nearby, while you can use the cordless polisher anywhere.
A cordless polishing machine can therefore be an alternative. If you choose a model from the cordless car polisher category, pay attention to the battery capacity and voltage.

With a corded polisher, you should also consider the cord length. The cord of the polishing machine should be at least three meters long. If you are now unsure and do not know which type is the best polishing machine for you, you will find the advantages and disadvantages of corded machines listed below:


more efficient
consistent power through a constant energy supply
no breaks are needed to change or recharge batteries


It would help if you had a power connection and possibly an extension cable.
The cable can interfere with work.

An alternative is a compressed air-polishing machine. As the name suggests, this is operated with compressed air from a compressor.

3.4. Accessories do not have to be included

You need the right accessories to start polishing the car as soon as you have bought the machine. You can buy a set that already includes a polish, buffing wheels, and pads.
However, such a device is rarely a car polishing machine that an automotive professional would use. The devices in the set are often only of mediocre quality. Also, over time, as you use your polisher and grinder more often, you will want to purchase some accessories anyway.

Cheap or expensive?

When polishing machines, you shouldn't be put off by the glamorous prices. Cheap offers for 20 euros are not well suited for preparing paintwork and can even damage it. Instead, invest a little more money. The entry-level prices for good polishing machines are around 100 euros. You often get a polishing machine set with a case, various attachments, and even polish and wax.

It would help if you had the following things for the car polish:

Polishing pads in different degrees of hardness and sizes: The foam pads must always match the polish: Hard places work well with coarse abrasive polishes, while high-gloss classes are better processed with a soft pillow.
Polish: You will want to use different polishes depending on the purpose. Abrasive pastes retouch bumps, polishing putty is used for particularly stubborn dirt. With a high-gloss sheen, you can eliminate blemishes and make the paintwork shine. There are polishes to match the base tones of your car's color.
Sealing: Sealing protects the result that has just been achieved and lets dirt and rain roll-off. Choose a product that contains waxes.
Polishing cloths: Polishing cloths contain care products and cleaners and can remove the last small bumps on the paint or residues of the sealing
Tip: Some devices offer a micro Velcro attachment. This means that the attachment of the polishing machine can be changed quickly and easily.

Greatest Total:

Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander
This sander’s extraordinarily efficient filtration system means you gained’t want to fret a couple of dusty mess on the finish of your job.

Runner-Up Finest Total:

 Skil PWRCore 20 20V Brushed 5 
Right here’s a robust, quick random orbital sander that has a number of nice options, a compact measurement, and an affordable worth.

Greatest Finances:

 5 Inch Air Random Orbital Sander, Pneumatic Palm Sander 
The worth could be rock-bottom, however the energy is excessive with this sander that’s good for infrequent mild sanding duties.

Finest Cordless:

 Polisher, Meterk Dual Action Random Orbital Car Polisher Sander at Amazon
There’s no must seek for {an electrical} outlet whenever you break the tether with this cordless random orbital sander.

Finest for Huge Jobs:

 Chicago Pneumatic CP7200S Kit Smart Series Mini Random Orbital Sander Kit
With an additional entrance deal with and cozy ergonomic design, this sander permits you to work for prolonged intervals with out hand pressure.

Greatest Compact:

Skil PWRCore 20 20V Brushed 5
Excellent for small jobs or tight areas, right here’s a sander that’s smaller than most others, but nonetheless has loads of energy.



4. Questions and answers about polishing machine
4.1. Is there a polisher test from Stiftung Warentest?

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you at this point and deprive you of a polishing machine test winner. The consumer organization has not yet carried out a polishing machine test.

In general, polishing has not been a significant issue for the foundation. In 2004, it only conducted a test of do-it-yourself combi tools, the functions of which include polishing. Combination devices can be used for sawing, drilling, polishing, or as a grinding machine, as required. The foundation points out that combination devices are more suitable for smaller jobs

4.2. Where can you buy a polishing machine?

Nowadays, purchasing a polishing machine no longer necessarily has to be done in hardware stores or car accessory shops. In the best-case scenario, you can get advice there and carry out a small test of the polishing devices, in which you can check the processing and handling. The selection is much more limited than on the Internet, where you also have the best comparison options and are more likely to find a cheap polishing machine.

4.3. Which manufacturers and brands are known?

Many buyers would like to buy a product from a well-known manufacturer. This is understandable, as famous names not only stand for quality but also for good service and a good supply of spare parts.

In the field of polishing machines, the following manufacturers and devices are particularly recommended:

Makita polishing machine
Einhell polishing machine
Kunzer polishing machine
Flex polishing machine
Bosch polishing machine
Polishing machine from Skil
Nigrin polishing machine
Take polishing machine
Berlin polishing machine

4.4. How do I properly polish my car with a polishing machine?

If polished incorrectly or clumsily, the car may have more scratches than before. You should therefore pay attention to the following tips:

Pure plastic parts should be masked before polishing. Painted plastic parts may only be polished with little pressure.
Abrasive pastes are suitable for polishing. They smooth out slight imperfections. With a high-gloss polish, you can remove scratches and work gently on the paintwork. Do not apply the polish directly to the paint, but always to the polishing pad. About five pea-sized drops are enough for a 40 square centimeter spot.
Take breaks in between to let the paint cool. Lubricating spray can cool the paintwork.
Don't polish on the same spot for too long; work the paint off in a checkerboard pattern.
Use polishing pads with different degrees of hardness. Soft cushions are the most gentle on the material. The places should also have a larger diameter than the polishing pad. Otherwise, the latter can damage the paintwork.
Beginners should work with a soft pad and slight pressure. It would help if you only glid over edges, corners, or curves with light pressure.
If the polishing result is not satisfactory for you, you can increase the pressure, speed, or hardness of the pads.
After polishing, seal the paint and then go over it again with a polishing cloth.

4.5. Which polishing machine is suitable for beginners?

Beginners should use a polishing machine with an eccentric movement. Professionals can use a device with a rigid rotation.

4.6. Which is better: rotary or eccentric polishing machine?

A rotary polishing machine rotates faster than an eccentric device. As a result, you need more time for polishing with a strange polishing machine. If you want to work quickly, the rotation variant is more suitable.

4.7. How much does a car polishing machine cost?

A cheap car polishing machine is already available for less than 30 euros. In the middle price range, car polishing machines cost between 60 and 100 euros. But there are also models for which you have to pay 200 or 300 euros

4.8. How high should the speed be when polishing?

When polishing, you should select the speed based on the polish used. The nature of the paint also plays an important role. A rate of between 1,200 and 1,500 revolutions per minute is recommended.
Which are the best polishing machines from our polishing machine test or comparison 2022?
In the polishing machine comparison, the products score with exceptionally high quality because, among the 22 polishing machine models, 10 "very good" polishing machines and 12 "good" polishing machines could be identified. None of the polishing machine comparison product table products were rated worse than "good."

3 of the 22 products from the polishing machine comparison come from one manufacturer - SPTA can thus stand out from the competition due to the increased number of different "good" and "very good" polishing machines.

How many manufacturers are compared in the polishing machine comparison?

In the polishing machine comparison, the editors compare 16 different manufacturers for you to offer you the best possible purchase advice. To be more precise, the experts compared and rated models from Makita, RUPES, Kunzer, Flex, Mirka, detail made, Ryobi, SPTA, Einhell, Bosch, Liquid Elements, PULITUO, Dino, DeWalt, Ginour or Skil.

In what price range are the models from the polishing machine comparison or test?
The most expensive polishing machine from our polishing machine comparison currently costs 489.00 euros. For the cheapest polishing machine, you only have to calculate 41.99 euros. Further information under the polishing machine.

Which polishing machine has the most customer reviews?

With 1873 reviews, the Dino POWER PACK 640220 received the most customer reviews on Amazon. However, the detailmate PLSH H15 received the best average reviews.

What else are customers who are looking for polishing machines looking for?

The most searched alternative term for polishing machines is polishing machines, followed by synonyms such as polishing machine car and car polishing machine.
Polishing machine recommendations

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